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Practical:  I tend to focus on solving problems rather than talking about why a problem exists.  I like cognitive therapy (changing the way you think about yourself, others or the world) and behavioral techniques (practicing new behaviors, interrupting maladaptive patterns) because they’re straightforward and they work.

Egalitarian:  I consider myself to be very knowledgeable about many areas of psychology, thanks to my education, extensive reading, and many years of experience.  However, I think that what the mental health field presents as factual is more often our best guess at this point in time.  I believe that you usually know more about yourself and your situation than I do, and that, in order to help, I must have a thorough grasp of your understanding of the problem.

Interpersonal:  Good relationships are essential to our wellbeing.  I understand the importance of support systems and attachment bonds, and I value working with individuals, couples, and families to improve relationship quality.

Reasoned:  Emotions are a valuable source of information for us, but I think they must be filtered through our rational mind for best results.  I often work with people to help them prevent their emotional experience from overpowering their rational processes.

Compassionate:  I am a very compassionate person.  I like people, and find them fascinating.  In my experience, no matter what it looks like, people are generally doing the best they can.

Mindful:  One of the most useful skills you can learn is to be able to step back and observe yourself, without judging.  There are many different techniques for accomplishing this, and I am often talking to my clients about one or more of them.

Healthful:  More and more, the research is telling us:  we have to stay physically healthy in order to be our best.  Exercise keeps the brain healthy as well as the rest of the body.  For any of you who are interested or ready to look at this issue, I am enthusiastic  about exploring it with you.

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